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Creative and professional gardening with Chano Landscaping

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What We Do

Your personalized nature oasis: Chano Landscaping

Our gardening experts will transform your spaces into harmonious green havens, designed exclusively for you.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design


Grass Cutting

Experience the epitome of lawn care with our impeccable grass cutting services. Our skilled team ensures your lawn remains perfectly manicured, providing a lush and inviting outdoor space for you to enjoy and take pride in.


Fence Installation and Repair

Enhance and secure your property effortlessly with our expert fence installation and repair services. Our skilled team ensures sturdy and aesthetically pleasing fences that add value and protection to your space, providing you with peace of mind and a beautiful boundary for your property.


Concrete Sidewalk Construction

Transform your pathways with exquisite concrete sidewalks: Our professional construction services go above and beyond in creating seamless, durable, and visually appealing sidewalks that elevate the accessibility and charm of your surroundings. With a keen eye for design and an unwavering commitment to quality, our team of experts meticulously crafts each concrete pathway, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your landscape.


Pruning and Cutting of Trees

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Trees: Our professional pruning and cutting services are meticulously designed to foster healthy growth, rejuvenate tired branches, and enhance the overall beauty and safety of your trees and landscape. With expert precision, we delicately shape each tree, promoting optimal growth patterns and preserving their natural splendor.

About us

At Chano Landscaping, we are a passionate team of gardening and landscaping professionals dedicated to transforming green spaces into authentic works of natural art. With years of experience and a vision focused on creativity and sustainability, we have built a solid reputation as industry leaders. Our personalized approach and meticulous attention to every detail enable us to deliver exceptional results, consistently exceeding our clients' expectations in every project we undertake.


Emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed.


We want you to be completely satisfied with our services.


You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English.


Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive.


You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English.


Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive.


Why Choose Us

The Best Landscaping And Gardening Service

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24/7 Availability

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Affordable Price

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Trained Workers

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100% Satisfaction

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How We Work

Create An Environment That’s Beyond Your Imagination


Submit Your Project

Initiate the process by sending us the details of your project through our website, contact form, or by phone. Share your ideas, preferences, and requirements for your garden, landscaping, or any other service you may need. Our team will be delighted to receive your request and will get in touch with you to better understand your specific needs. At Chano Landscaping, we value each project as unique and personalized, and we are eager to hear your vision to create an exceptional green space that exceeds your expectations.


We Start Work

Once we have reviewed your project and understood your expectations, our team of gardening and landscaping professionals will begin designing a customized plan to bring your ideas to life. With your approval of the plan and budget, we will promptly start the work with efficiency and professionalism. Our dedication and expertise ensure that every detail is considered and executed with precision.


Get Your Work Done

Finally, the exciting moment of enjoying the results arrives. With the work completed, we will deliver your finished project with the highest level of quality and dedication. Our goal is to surpass your expectations and ensure your total satisfaction. Watch as your outdoor space transforms into a natural oasis that reflects your tastes and needs. At Chano Landscaping, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience, leaving you with an environment that fills you with pride and joy.

We Are Expert in Work

We Can Create An Environment That’s Beyond Your Imagination

At Chano Landscaping, we have the passion and talent to create an environment that goes beyond your imagination. Our team of gardening and landscaping experts strives to turn your dreams into reality, designing unique and captivating green spaces that reflect your style and personality. From lush gardens to stunning landscape designs, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and creating a natural oasis that will leave you in awe. Trust us to transform your vision into a spectacular setting that inspires you and allows you to revel in the beauty of nature at its finest.


Our Client’s Review

What Our Clients Say About Our Company

“I highly recommend Chano Landscaping for their top-notch grass cutting services. They consistently maintain my lawn with precision and care, leaving it looking immaculate week after week. Their attention to detail truly sets them apart from the rest.”

David Rodriguez

“I am absolutely delighted with the fence installation provided by Chano Landscaping! The team was prompt, professional, and the end result is a beautiful and secure fence that perfectly complements my property. I couldn’t be happier with their exceptional service.”

Marta Johnson

“Chano Landscaping’s pruning and cutting of trees service was outstanding! Their team of experts transformed my overgrown trees into beautifully shaped and healthy specimens. Their knowledge and expertise in tree care are truly commendable. I will definitely be using their services again in the future.”

Michael Lee

“Chano Landscaping’s concrete sidewalk construction exceeded all my expectations! Their seamless and durable sidewalks have not only improved the accessibility of my outdoor space but also added an elegant touch to my property. It’s evident that they take pride in their work, and I’m grateful for their outstanding craftsmanship.”

Emily Thompson

Provides Hassle-free Backyard Transformations With Artistic Solutions.

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See Our FAQ’s

Got Questions in Mind? Well, We Have Got All Answer

At Chano Landscaping, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service and transparency. Whether you need clarifications about our services, pricing, or project details, our expert team is here to address all your inquiries.

01. What Does an Inch of Water Mean?

An inch of water refers to the depth of water that covers the ground surface when it is uniformly applied. In gardening, it is used as a standard measurement to guide the amount of water needed for proper irrigation. For example, one inch of water per week is often recommended for most plants to maintain healthy growth and prevent under or overwatering.

02. How Often Should I Fertilize My Plants?

The frequency of fertilization depends on the specific type of plant and its growth stage. Generally, it is advisable to fertilize plants during their active growing season, which is typically in spring and summer. However, it’s essential to follow the instructions on the fertilizer package or seek guidance from a gardening expert to ensure the right amount and timing for each plant species.

03. How Does Gardening Make You Feel?

Gardening can evoke a wide range of positive emotions, such as a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, and joy. Working with plants and nature can reduce stress and anxiety, and the act of nurturing plants can provide a sense of purpose and connection with the environment.

04. Do Gardens Help the Environment?

Yes, gardens play a crucial role in supporting the environment. They can act as habitats for beneficial insects and wildlife, improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, and help mitigate urban heat islands. Additionally, gardening with sustainable practices, such as composting and using native plants, promotes biodiversity and reduces environmental impact.

05. What Does Partial Sun/partial Shade?

Partial sun or partial shade refers to an area that receives sunlight for only a portion of the day. Typically, it receives direct sunlight for a few hours, followed by shade during other parts of the day. Plants labeled as “partial sun” are suitable for areas with 3-6 hours of sunlight, while “partial shade” plants thrive in 3-6 hours of filtered sunlight or dappled shade.

06. Wait for Garden Proposal Decisions?

Yes, after submitting your garden proposal, it’s essential to be patient and wait for the decision-making process to unfold. The reviewing committee or organization will carefully evaluate all proposals to make informed choices based on their specific criteria and objectives.

07. When It is the First Frost or Last Frost?

The first frost and last frost dates vary depending on your geographic location and climate zone. The first frost refers to the date in autumn when temperatures drop low enough to cause frost, while the last frost marks the end of the winter season when temperatures are no longer expected to dip below freezing. Consult a local gardening guide or online resources to determine these dates for your region.

08. Review Community Garden Proposal?

Reviewing a community garden proposal involves assessing its feasibility, impact, and alignment with the community’s goals and values. The review process may include evaluating the proposed garden’s location, resources needed, potential benefits to the community, and its sustainability plan.

09. What Are the Questions for Gardening?

Questions related to gardening can cover a broad range of topics, including plant care, soil preparation, pest control, pruning techniques, and appropriate watering practices. Common gardening questions may involve identifying plant diseases, selecting suitable plants for specific conditions, and maintaining a garden throughout the seasons.

10. Eco-gardening is the Practise of Gardening?

Yes, eco-gardening, also known as ecological gardening or sustainable gardening, is a practice of gardening that promotes environmental conservation and reduces the impact on the ecosystem. Eco-gardening involves using organic and natural gardening methods, conserving water, promoting biodiversity, and minimizing the use of chemicals. It aims to create a harmonious and sustainable balance between human cultivation and nature’s ecological processes.

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